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Post-Construction Cleaning Services

We provide post-construction cleaning for residential homes, apartment communities, high-rise apartment buildings, and more. We understand the need for exceptional construction site cleaning services when it comes to someone’s home and that is exactly what we provide.

When it comes to working with construction contractors, building owners, and real estate developers—our management team has been doing just that for over twenty-five years.

When it needs to be done right, on time, and budget—-Complete Cleaning & Maintenance is the commercial cleaning company for the job!

  • Remove trash, dirt, and debris from the building interior and exterior as directed by the contractor
  • Clean and polish cabinets, countertops, shelving, and any other building finish work – vacuum cabinet interiors, polish stained woodwork with furniture polish, and polish stainless steel with stainless steel cleaner
  • Wash windows (interior and exterior) including vacuuming, cleaning, and polishing frames, and tracks
  • Clean, shine, and disinfect all plumbing fixtures and trim
  • Clean and shine all appliances and furniture
  • Remove all packing materials and temporary stickers
  • Clean all wood bases, casings, and sills
  • Vacuum all carpet
  • Dry mop, damp mop, auto scrub and provide necessary floor maintenance for all hard surface floors